Is the content of our being simply the musings on conditions by brain circuitries, considered our spark by many?


We are born, we live, kind of; and, we die, to transmigrate, as the saying goes, with our contextual content. How did this come about, and how did we maintain, use and survive till our ending?


I ask these questions biased in personal musings regarding societal values placed on my human being contents. Reflecting on my varied life contexts during late night quiet moments favours a mindset reminding me of what has been lacking in my life.


It is a matter of what I’ve come to learn from years of education, which reveals through the years how my current disposition evolved. All have been results of nature and nurture, much of which I have been gifted but unable to cultivate by a lack in quality of nurturing. This situation is not uniques to me. In fact, it is my position that the world’s primary energy crisis is that of human energy.


Similar to many others, I was unable to have access to resources that would allow proper and mutually beneficial developments of my abilities; abilities, many call talent. I have observed many people with single and multiple talent modalities remain that undeveloped, some leading to frustration with various debilities.


Do we create to communicate, dominate, or benefit the whole? How do we choose to gainfully cultivate our abilities? Is our specie destined to be at war with itself favouring individual gains displacing overall global well being until we learn how-the-lesson of Infinity?



2. I spy


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