FALLEN  ANGEL  ~    BEGINNINGS                        


It was the Winter of ’74 when a then friend and fellow martial arts student, who was a high school teacher, asked what I intended to do with the university degree I was about to acquire after four years of study? My reflex reply, secure a job. I did not know how to qualify my answer, even to say a good paying job. Neither he nor I knew the cause to not have a qualifier. His question brought to mind how I happened to be where I was, and on what he was unaware about his inquiry.


MY journey began in my high school math class of ’63/’64, where/when Mr. Graham looked upon our large group of immigrants, eager to learn, and offered a bit of advice, as he was want to do on occasion. He noted our ethnicities, Eastern Europeans, Europeans-Mediterraneans and Caribbean, me, as cause.


He, being Irish, understood what was before us and strongly suggested, if possible, that we secure a university education in order to have a meaningful and economically stable future. He went on to qualify his suggestion with getting a good job, having a home and family, and not allowing ourselves to be limited.
Given social conditions then, it would not have been a stretch to consider me not excluded in that offering. Superficially, socially limited by proxy, I was unaware of the civil rights biases ongoing at the time. I took his advice to heart and set about keeping my head down, nose to the grindstone, as best I could going forward. Passed each grade, graduated grade thirteen and secured admission into university five years later, the Fall of 1968.



c. 1962



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