FALLEN  ANGEL                                     2

Personal Interruptions                                                           


A plethora of naive decision-makings, resulting in unfortunate/fortunate episodes, placed me in the position of studying Tae Kwon-Do in the Fall of ‘70. The following year, I changed my majors and resumed studies to acquire an Honours BA in Fine Arts. Insofar, as to be asked about having a career path upon graduation by my TKD classmate, I was unable to give thought to an answer that would give it meaning and qualification.


I was having second thoughts about the goal I had in mind from grade nine, upon hearing my Math teacher’s advice which played over and over in my mind since. At the time of hearing the advice in 1963, I had no way to contextualize much less qualify what I was hearing. There was no one in my household to whom I could run-it-by for such necessary content ‘n context. It was expected, a custom, that I was to sort things out as I went along,there appearing no calamity in sight, as schooling was believed pretty much a straightforward endeavour.


I was left to my own devices which appeared easy going on the surface, as I made it through to graduating high school and university. Fortunately, I overcame all the inherent/intrinsic nuances, surviving the life in higher learning, with family members standing proud of that achievement at convocation in 1975.


To fully answer the question asked, I was inspired to seek advice about teaching as a career path. I sought to gather enough data to augment/supplement my knowledge/survival base, as never before. I had never considered pursuing any career path, much less this unique, and to my mind then unusual, idea of being teacher. This sourcing quest was underway…




Sault Ste Marie Championship


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