FALLEN  ANGEL                3


A Turn of Events 


One year passed, as I explored other career path options and found them wanting in substance for mutual benefits. Nearing the year’s ending after graduating with a bachelor’s degree, I sought to speak with friends from my university days concerning the ‘teaching’ suggestion. I was pleasantly surprised when one discussion resulted in a proposal for some decisive input. One friend’s sister-in-law was a high school teacher in my discipline, unlike the martial arts classmate who taught English at my old alma mater.

A social meeting was suggested during which time she would regale me with insights and answer any questions I might be entertaining. Questions, of course, would be biased in ignorance similar to my ongoing state of affairs. We agreed upon a time, her home being more convenient and comfortable.


Our information session social came and went, adding a developing friendship in the process. My application to Teachers College was fortuitous and successful. Thus, began my journey into the realm of education. The school year sped bye, with a kind coincidence occurring. As was expected, teachers-to-be participated in four on-the-job teacher training sessions in their area of study. Curiously, my second assigned school took me to the sister-in-law’s school, demonstrating the practicality of her advice/input.


What she said no longer feigned past-experience/theory impracticality to the day’s clients. I was able to see actual exemplars in her practice in comparison to my naive-detached comprehension. I completed the other assigned practicals and found myself facing an uncertain future on many levels. Were it not for the kindness in timely mentoring by a professor of Psychology of Education, I doubt I would have survived for as long as I had. A whole other journey for the telling in my multi-layered process through this Life. There was yet another turn of events, a timely alignment of stars, in my uncertain Life process.


I was unable to secure a full-time job teaching, due to declining enrolment, but I was able to secure a position on the Occasional Teachers Roster, unlike what it is now. Unexpectedly, I found myself substitute-teaching at my pre-teaching, and practicing-teaching, advisor’s school for an absentee colleague. On another occasion, I also substituted for her on emergency days. Two years following, I secured a half-time teaching position which became available in her school!


Being aware only of my survival needs I missed signs of her developing issues, holding onto romantic notions of education. I did not notice her unravelling, as I encountered an occasion to be threatened by one of the adult-students there in attendance. Subsequently, I was transferred to a junior high school benefitting all concerned, but not her as I was later to discover.



13. After Teaching '81


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