Depending on your age and cultural bias, I presume you’ve heard the phrase, or something akin to it, “Never judge a book by its cover”? If you haven’t here’s where you enter my discourse, and I trust you’ll enjoy the ride.

Each time you look upon faces, are you able to determine the content beneath the facade, without prior information required if you’re not to engage in supposition? Unfortunately, supposition is the norm with a myriad of falsehoods attached! I consider this the result of the intrinsic human fight or flight survival mechanism, whereby we proceed in our so-called civilized society without always drawing weapons before engaging one another in violence. This in mind, it may be safe to say that those who engage in the aforementioned supposition have yet to evolve above the level of narcissistic suppositions biased in fear.

Now, thinking beyond mere survival is a major position in life played out in day-to-day behaviour, evidenced further if children/off-springs are involved. It is presumed by this time, those involved in having family spectrum, areas of having this family is sourced and vetted to be safe, be it urban or rural. It is safe to say, what I am proposing will automatically be imprinted unto the offspring(s) upon his/her/their emergence into this realm of existence as ‘how to proceed’ policy, until such time as maturity and independent thought emerges and takes hold.

Moving on, how do you perceive the body in front of you with all her/his finery? To what degree are you influenced by the superficialities? Are you aware to what degree you are influenced, and are you aware of what additional ingredients you bring to the encounter? Or, are you like me wholly unconscious and meet the other awaiting for their fluid input to create a working image in concert with what is brought?

A lot to consider, I know, if you comprehend my implications which is to tease your mind into a continual state of flux where conscious awareness of reflexive bias, prejudice/discrimination, is our way of living. The challenge our humanity faces is peaceful coexistence and will continue to be for as long as we fail/refuse to acknowledge what the majority of us do to sabotage the peaceful coexistence that is achievable.

We can live in peace, but the needs of the few fearfully affecting the needs of the many keeps this coexistence at bay. All you need do is give yourself the time to look around and deconstruct, analyze, goings on near and afar to comprehend how we allow our peaceful coexistence to be compromised with our permission by omission; and, worst of all, accepting less than what is beneficial to our well being.

Many seldom, ‘Do unto others as we would have done unto us’ as the biblical saying advises, simply paying lip-service and rationalizing our day-to-day processes with, “That’s just way things are, always had been, etc.”

What do you say? Are you counted in the ‘many’ referred to above? I await your performance answer, Paradoxical Mindfulness.



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