Human  Expressions  Reviewed


While people-watching, without the ‘stalking’ nomenclature, I saw a lovely young lady walking in the mall a week ago, and what came to mind was how she appears to be one of the many who wish not to be here.


I don’t know if you know those vague expressions, with micro indications, that we all project onto unsuspecting others and receiving appropriate responses upon exchanges without being the wiser? We communicate through these unknowns, most often with difficulties and with some luck survive due to traditional context generationally accepted and understood. I trust I haven’t confused you!??


We’ve survived this long as a specie and may not bring about our own extinction, so long as we awaken to these unknowns over time as we evolve in full status as Human Beings. Given current status, goings on, our survival appears touch ’n go in spite of historical data theorized.


Back to my observing, ‘people-watching’. In addition to the hurry, scurrying that escalates as Time goes bye, it behoves me not to comprehend varying projections not intended for my consumption. I see the joys as well as the sadness that many carry about within themselves. I often stay away from possible encounters that may take a turn for the worse as a default of engagement and exchange. But, this time I was caught off-guard when I saw such a lovely young miss walking with such a countenance.


I contemplated the possibility that I was observing my own projections onto each person according to their demeanour; but, I’m not that adept, much less inclined to working that hard simply looking at passers-bye. So, I recapitulate and wonder at what may have contributed, is contributing, to her expression that others in her vicinity are most likely unaware. I wonder if she has a confidant so as not to be overtaken, overwhelmed to become victimized by what I was seeing.


She was long gone from my purview, as I finished my meal. I continued observing others going bye with varying expressions for me to catch-and-release. Hers, as stated, stayed with me having ambushed my sensibilities as she might have been had she known. I trust she is doing well, in a fairer state of mind as her body politic appears gifted by Nature, according to my appreciation of her appearance.


Life goes on, nonetheless.





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