In my basement apartment, sometime between 21 – 23yrs of age, contemplations merged into meditation and what some say is astral projection as I was able to see and feel myself not myself and looking back on myself. On one occasion I became aware of the ceiling returning my breath on my face and, when it became apparent I was flushed against the ceiling, terror struct and I felt my body slam onto the bed at an unexpected height accelerating my breathing almost to hyperventilating!


I calmed myself, giving it second thoughts, but only wondering at its import. I had no one to discuss this with, for the time being.


Within that timeframe, another out-of-body experience. This time further afield. I experienced a weightlessness that defied description and visual construct when it occurred. What I did recall was another terror state bordering on panic, so much so I travelled a great distance in a flash slamming into my bed once again. But, this time with a difference.


I was disoriented and out of sorts. I processed my place in the space/time continuum with a series of geographic place acceptance, which went like this: I was on Earth; then, I was in North American; then, Canada followed by being in Toronto. Then, seeing that I was on my bed on my designated street, in my basement apartment. Only then, did I breathe a sigh of relief as to my whereabouts after feeling not myself for a brief space of time resulting from emersion in deep meditation/contemplation.


This might be something to explore further; but, everything in its own time and frame of reference. I was gifted with ‘a thing’ without a guide for furtherance, so I’ll let things be until such time deemed appropriate. When the student is ready for the teacher that is ready.


3e. Impending Doom


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