Lately, I have been wondering about Words in the English language which sound pleasing and/or displeasing to both the speaker and/or the listener. This has occurred to me in my senior years having chosen to put pen-to-paper and wondering how others would read and internally ‘hear’ my words and affix meaning to them for themselves.


The Words that became most apparent to me are the ‘death’ and ‘dying’, both derivative of a state of being and unbecoming, so to speak.


Upon waking one morning to face the usual unknowns of the day inspire of the odd appointments, voluntary and involuntary, the inevitable came to mind and I was want to write about it from my perspective. Granted, there have been many Words written on the subject from Elizabeth Kubler Ross to The Tibetan Book of The Dead and many in between, some of which I have read from the early 1980s into 2000 following Y2K, another experience where these two-words played their significant parts.


Well, lying there I noted the different sensations derived from those Words upon using them in my contemplations. It was many years later that if occurred to me the weight and worth of them in conversation regarding their uses in the media. It is possible, and apparent, that many professions use Words to manipulate and coerce, especially the unaware. The masses, targets of their intents; and, likewise the individuals among the masses to manipulate their fellows, betters and those considered lesser.


It is evident that how Words are used affect societies. All one has to do is think upon Economics, Politics and Religions throughout Human History, and all is made abundantly clear albeit overwhelming in recognition. It is what is made clear in the macro aspect of existence that reached to me the overwhelming aspects of its microcosm in deconstructing the what and how of the language to which I have grown accustomed.


Two Words impacting on the sensibilities of both speaker and listener, whether or not conscious, still affected to her/his core only left to respond/act according to their inherent history and conditionings. I mused on these Words, amazed at how much softer ‘dying’ felt than ‘death’. Was it in the finality implicated by the latter and the intrinsic hope in the former? I will leave that judgment to you and your sensibilities accorded your particular inherent history and conditionings.


I have stated the wherefores and how from my perspective. I have but two other questions remaining. Is it so also in other languages spoken on Earth by humans and, being aware of digital phonics to which we are becoming accustomed, will our future-presents usher in other sensibilities with which to contend through the ever evolving technologies?



Hope I m not too late, Ba-Ha have a scrumptious bi


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