When we were born our bodies were foreign objects to which we were to become accustomed. The journey was arduous, more so for some and ever more so for many altered by pre-natal accidents and post-natal violent exchanges. What was to come for survivors of these alterations, apart from those from growing into adulthood is a factor some strive to avoid, ignore, hoping those realizations are never to be engaged.


While growing into our varying levels of consciousness fingers and toes, tongues, major and minor motor functions ensued with onlookers in various modes of appreciation and apprehension. We, emotionally for the most part, strove to please and gain in agility throughout the early processes. Of course, more than required, were forced to continue in the emotional tug-of-war over our agility’s benefits on becoming athletically inclined.


What was overlooked in the process, in athleticism and day-to-day functioning? The gradual deterioration toward the inevitable many spend enormous amounts of currencies to postpone, deter and eliminate. I shall not debate or deliberate if this can, ought-to-be, or will in eventually be accomplished. Simply, that the evidence is there that the quest for immortality has been in the works for some time and is beyond the scope of this edition.


We survive, somehow, childhood into our formative years, through adolescence into adulthood stages resulting in senior years. It is then that the sense of truth in living this Life appear to reign in our consciousness, which is the reflection of this piece. Seeing and feeling the incessant creep of waning energies which, regardless of efforts, forces acceptance of the unknown denizens within the Abyss. The final frontier alluded to earlier in a popular TV show, this time going where many have gone before.


We leave behind our corporeal form, our living body, without the spark of consciousness whose origins have preoccupied so many philosophers and scientists. More often than not, the significance is consciously lost on those surviving. The transition into the hereafter is felt as a loss to that portion of Life’s Fabric comprising a reality unknown to the living, and only made worse by grief biased on the levels of intimacy felt and remembered.


S/he is not truly lost, as I and others ofttimes believe, but in onto the Actual Frequency of Existence from whence we all came. Our vehicles well used, or misused, depending on perspective, are what remain as evidence of our living experiences. Often full comprehended as few were privy to full disclosure even while we lived. The minutia of out remaining Time are results of individual choices previously made and include the adage of “what goes around, comes around”, whether or not believed and we do live to be recipients of those choices.


My two-cents worth, take ‘em or leave ‘em, live well – do good – love.



The Hug

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