Mirror Mystery    1

Once upon a time when I was a younger man, appearing more dynamic, behaving as I ought under past unaware/unknown influences, for unexplained reasons my then supervisor asked if I had ever looked at myself in the mirror? Awestruck, an unusual question to my mind, not to mention unusual to me, not knowing his referencing other than seeing my rather carefree behaviour while I interacted with those about me.


Upon quick reflection, my answer might have sounded glib, but it was in earnest. I replied to his question, “Yes, each time I brush my teeth and comb my hair in readiness for the day ahead.” To my answer, this man who was my superior in my vocation, came this admonition, “Next time, stand longer and look at yourself in the mirror.” To this offering I was even more perplexed, but verbally assented to do as much and waited through the years for his admonition to bear fruit.


Time went on, we parted company as I transferred to another location to carry on in my vocation, all the while looking in the mirror only to see my self. Of course, as time went on I acquired data from others around me of my attractiveness as a man, and accepted it in kind as it was my belief that attractiveness and $3.00 would get me a special beverage from Timothy’s Cafe. This was back in the ‘80s.


The acceptance of being a good-looking Caribbean Man meant little to me as I was always picked on by female classmates in my childhood/youth, which I took to mean they didn’t like me. It took me a while to realize the import of this, as my assault for my good looks differed in cause about which I came to learn living in this culture. A book and its cover, the usual controversy, which I was to learn in its multi-facetted levels.



9. Pat M. & Don '86

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