Time waits for no one, allowing us to occupy ourselves as we proceed in Life. I am now privy to another dimension of what was suggested to me back in 1984, adding to what I considered was my handsome appearance, good-looks, being an attractive Caribbean male. This has taken me a while, what my supervisor hinting for me to realize I was a black man in a white-dominated society behaving as if I was simply in a world of human beings visually aware of my skin colour, and with whom I could still engage openly/freely?


Curiously, those around me gave no pause in this regard save a few reluctant ones who held biases with which to manage my behaviour in their regard. It appears my untoward upbringing, with its disadvantages, awarded me fundamental carefree behaviours and I was charged to learn to rein myself in according to cultural values and socially imposed limitations. In keeping with these, and other revelations about my Caribbean foundation, I have had quite the time doing this throughout my life.


Interestingly, I did receive some timely feedbacks along my route after arriving in this country, throughout earlier school years:
high school, I seemed overly philosophical; university professors, my reasoning processes was in a minority and would create a difficult Life; Teachers College, more power than comprehended; finally, an Industrial Psychologist informed me that unless I learned to rein in how I expressed my intellectual self, I will lose whatever intimate relationship I may desire.


That final statement, spearheading many other unmentionables, have proven my current living conditions as forewarned. I am living alone, and my understanding of the processes accommodating those observations are only contributing factors of a larger scenario. Like you, if you have read this far, I am a work in progress. To what end is a matter of conjecture, which is nothing new when I consider all the conjectures by others already experienced, and yet to experience.


There you have it, as I go into my next Life experiences…



18. Riding in BC '07

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