Strolling through Yorkdale Mall some 20+yrs ago, before the upgrades now in fashion erasing the memories of what had been, I needed to avail myself of the facilities nearby. Finding one with an easily accessible entranceway near a Food Court atop a set-of-escalators, near the northwest section of the mall, if memory serves correct became my focus.


I ascended on the escalator, saw the designated facility and proceeded towards it. I turned left upon entranceway, entering. I was immediately aware, and amazed, seeing no customary urinals exclaimed, “Where are all the urinals?”, as I walked about seeking an answer. It was then it occurred to me I was not the Men’s, where I intended, but the Women’s facilities! It appeared my ‘dyslexia’ led me astray once again.


Lucky for me, no one else walked in while I was walking about talking to myself. Even luckier, was that it was the 90s and not today’s environment fomenting all sorts of hasty accusations which could lead leading to hostilities!


What has come to mind is ‘how many facilities for Women are placed to the left while the Men are on the right’ which sets up preferential treatment and attitude functioning? And, where is the practice the reverse, have there been studies to note with what effects and/or affectations accompany this? A small matter, subtle in fact, but a definite consideration wouldn’t you say/think?





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