R = B(D+S) / W W E


[Racism = Bigotry (Discrimination / Segregation)  /  WorldWide Extinction ]


Are we of one kind, one specie called ‘human’? Scientific evidence points to this as a ‘fact’; however, longstanding behaviour patterns have demonstrated otherwise. There has been domination through enslavement, invasions and laws all the while claiming these as civilizing processes! But, are these actions humane when accompanied by subjugations of a greater portion of the specie? There is an obvious pattern of three-steps forward and shuffling-paces backwards.


There are aspects to condone and allow these actions through misinterpretations of religious doctrines which have believers at each others throats, while servile others observe decrying these behaviours afraid to step up and stop massacres taking place. Do you see any overriding patterns, or are you too busy hiding to notice the formulae noted above?


I was fortunate to have escaped from a rollover in a ditch as I was rescued by emergency service providers and passers-by on June 2016. I suspect reflexive actions as our occupancy was undetermined from the position of our vehicle. A far cry from other ’n recent ‘traffic’ encounters the police and black males are involved. It is most likely we were in need and could not be mistaken as threatening.


Not that the follow-up was a cake-walk, but things could have gone otherwise! I was in the US and the political climate had not taken the turn it has heading into its meltdown process. An infectious plague altering the national behaviour akin to dementia, schizophrenia and bi-polar disorders biased in its systemic history of bigotry, a definitive mental health issue requiring attention beyond depended pharmaceuticals!



3e. Sleeping Quarters During Balcony Replacement


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