F = T = F




Most of you may have heard the saying, “Can’t see the forest for the trees”, something somewhat understood without much deliberation. It is this lack of deliberation that keeps a repeating of bad behaviour and misdeeds that make for difficulties in living.


What do I mean by this statement? Considering the lack of consideration for the adage ‘form follows function’ that keeps many correcting forms when there is no following of the function.


Need examples? That which has sex-appeal but no real value after-the-fact, as in apparel that goes out of fashion; an automobile purchase that puts financial strain on finances for maintenance; a household purchase that appears essential biased on origin of purchase setting which blinds one to comparative personal environment setting; and, worst of all, decision-making that has superficial appeal but no real day-to-day social benefits to one’s overall environment.


In the preceding examples, are you able to insert your particulars or assert a deer in headlights stance in avoidance, denying what we have all been guilty, some more so than others? Especially, those of us in decision-making positions that have come back to bite us repeatedly from overt/subversive decisions? Whatever your response(s), fact remains we have all been subject to the backlash (benefit /deficit) of all I have asserted, like it or not.


‘Not seeing the forest for the trees’ makes us eventual victims whatever the outcomes if the least of us experience deficiencies that many explain as, ‘taking the good with the bad’. This the frame of reference, which makes accepting less than expected returns, a consumer mantra. Question is, for how long will this be our usual way of living?



1b. Close-Up on Water-Damage


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