“Nothing, they say, is more certain than death, and nothing more uncertain than the ‘time’ of dying.” ~ Grimm: S6 / E10


Laying in bed, awaiting sleep and allowing thoughts of different illnesses passage through my mind. These are thoughts of ailments seen during days past and/or heard advertised over varying media/news outlets. Although, these thoughts are most troublesome, they are most often accompanied by visual references. This is my usual route into the sleep realm I endure and override as called upon.


The inference that no one is getting out of this Life alive is not a comforting one to those who’re enduring this life with only the Promise of a Better Life through dogma, or the dependence on Science to actualize the aforementioned Promise. The realities/actualities accompanying the varying sciences and technologies are apparently garnering quite the following challenging the status quo of the previously comforting dogmas.


Is this the cause for the immediate post-natal alarm sounded by each who emerge into this dimension, and subsequent tantrums until the challenge/drama foisted onto us for coming here is accepted as being here without foreknowledge of our tenure? What is your plea, if any?


I lay in bed allowing myself to accumulate sufficient energy from the cosmos to rise and face the unimaginable, the longer I am here.



2a. Getting Oriented c. 64



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