Does everyone dream, in defined dream situations as one is circling the drain of despair/depression?


I find it most interesting, if not curious, how the word ‘dream’ is exercised in people’s minds. You may have dream experiences, be a dreamer, dream of better Life situations, and/or be a daydreamer which now carries a label ADD/ADHD to which I could have been assigned had I been born in the 80s/90s!


Moving on, what is your addition to this word ‘dream’, interpretations, if any!?? How do you rationalize your assertions? Not so much to convince another of your beliefs, but adding to the wealth of convictions that abound? You see, I reserve opinion, input, due to the plethora of assertions already in vogue. You know some of them, I gather/presume. Ones such as, “success will always elude you, if you have no dream to lead your path”, and/or other similar adage/quotations.


I dream, more than some and not as much as others, but in daily life my process/progress is a collaboration/harmonizing of dreaming/waking states’ particulars/peculiarities which makes for quite the challenge in synchronizing with the world at large.


Given current conditions, how are you faring as you move through your daily life in dreams?




52a. In the Way


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