We appear to function in a paradoxical complexity whereby we are told not to allow religious dogma to rule in civil interactions, yet faith this is called upon to rule in civil behaviours. In some countries there is the a constitutional mandate to separate church from state, still there is a trust bounded in faith to be civil and do right by one another.


However, there is nothing binding as these constitutional mandates are taken as guidelines in practice while involved in day-to-day activities. In politics, the so-called ‘electorate’ and ‘elected’ entertain self-interests that do not necessarily overlap, and are made to appear so, creating the initial disconnect that separates each other from the better parts of themselves. Or, so it is hope, believed.


This disconnect is biased in each person’s faith base, expected to keep separate when interacting with one another, while intrinsic values are founded on the goodness of one’s faith. A schizophrenic inducement, I perceive, overlooked initially, making going forward an unconscious challenge. Or is it?


While many attempt to judiciously adhere to this proposition, those adept use this struggle in contradiction to garner support for what many are fed to believe is critical to their survival. They are unable to think of their struggles while harmonizing the paradox into which they are born, and seeing at the same time they are being duped into disconnecting from their better interests on which their faith is biased.

Their belief is that their civilization’s survival is biased on an unknown faith where fear, on which their religious belief is based, is being used to seduce them to their detriment without soul-searching.


We are seeing daily challenges added to reconciling the separation of church and state. Fear feeds into their disconnect, which many are coerced appearing willing to accept. The tools for their use in their human developments are hidden in plain sight and used against many to stall others. They have become enemies unto themselves by feeding on the fear that plays onto their survival needs provided by those abdicating the obligations of the religious edict of ‘love thy neighbour’.


It appears those with the greater knowledge have been unable to comprehend the influences of the spiritual within their belief systems opting for self-interest, at whatever cost. Unfortunately, the cost is not only their humanity, but also Humanity at large.


If there is a way out, are you able/willing see and accept it, and act accordingly?





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