(A Spiritual Path)


Ask yourself, if you know the purpose of mourning the passages of others in Life, given the grand scheme of things?


Do we mourn to appease ourselves solely on the emotional level, guilt aside? Allow me to offer this option which may, or may not gain your consideration. I propose that we mourn being left behind, intuiting actually where the dearly departed has gone, leaving us to continue the struggles that accompany being alive.


The departed, regardless of their route during this mortal coil, has completed whatever was her/his purpose unbeknownst to them and their relations near and afar. Whatever/however their cause/vehicle of transport out, we mourn losing them on our journey here feeling various levels of depravation. We do intuitively know to where their departure leads.


We are not alone. Most simply ‘trust’, what some call ‘having faith’ but many unknowingly.


3d. A Little Deeper

Cream Soda


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