Dundas Urban Exchange


One may be forgiven wondering if this generation has a sporting engagement-with-STDs which would affect society’s ‘food-chain’ more than realized. This was I devised from what I overheard between one youth shouting to another: “Hey, make sure you go get yourself checked out at the clinic!”, whereupon the other lad responded casually, “Yea, I’ll go tomorrow.”


Unbeknownst to many, this flies under the radar until the possibility/probability of resurfacing with untoward consequences, which has been shown in other media creations, when an errant spouse is exposed to an agent that brings dire consequences into a family and social circle.


When there are outbreaks, unless it is calamitous, the numbers affected may only make it to medical journals for future references. Better still, this invasion may flow undetected because it brings with it an immune boost where none’s the wiser save a few distributing agents.


All this I devised from walking in-between an exchange between two youths on a sunny summer afternoon in Dundas Square.




Dundas Sq. Interlude 2015


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