BEING EARNEST                    c. 1973               ~                    1.



She walked into the bar room commanding attention by her natural beauty to which I was innately susceptible. Ashen blonde hair played upon her shoulders as a result of her stride, promoted a sway through her hips, accented by pouting lips beneath sparkling grey-blue eyes.


I was on duty, the lone doorman in a lively, friendly establishment where food and drink were accompanied by the ‘Octoberfest Express’ band with whom I occasionally sang a few tunes to the delight of its patrons.


On this night, I took it upon myself to present positive image with the benefit of my residency, expressing particular interest accorded her effect on me. This appeared to bear fruit with her drawing closer to me throughout the evening. She became expressive in her regard for me showing joyful exuberance among her accompanying friends.


My desire grew the more, as the evening drew to a close. It became apparent, she favoured sharing the night together. Our mutual interest increased, instead of waning. I felt the moments slowed towards the end of the evening, yet filled with music all its own as I completed my nightly duties, securing the premises before closing. While in the performance of my duties, I requested a server provide coffee while she waited with a mutual anticipation of our passionate intentions.


As the doors closed, farewells were shared between staff; band-members, owners and servers, while I regarded my lovely lady-in-waiting. Not too long after, we stepped out into the night air and was provided a ride home by a staff member who witnessed our enamoured glow throughout the evening.






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