a  LEGEND  takes a  FALL


His day began with an impromptu tea ’n chat being sidelined which caused him to cast his mindset net onto possibilities flowing bye. He caught onto an idea and selected to walk in a direction that covered preferred activities of writing, exercise to an agreeable establishment which promised cordial exchanges.


He enjoyed a brisk walk into a kindly, engaging atmosphere. He did the writing intended and engaged with cordial people after commenting on overhearing their adjacent conversation. Looking out onto the street, the numbers of passer-byes had increased in numbers and frequency by their paces. He decided it was Time to depart into the chillier air accompanying the setting Sun.


His returning was to afford internal warmth to ward off the increasing chill of the incoming night air. A bonus for him was to enjoy two women ahead who drew closer relative to his warming pace. There was an interference by an oncoming woman did the ‘who-goes-where’ dance upon bypassing one another to avoid collision.


After their two-stepping and eventual avoidance of collision, there was an unforeseen event brought about by an unexpected condition. The City installed Accessible sidewalk gradients which he failed to adequately navigate resulting in his headlong plunge. Split second decisions were called for as he headed forward at an unintended and unexpected speed.


What was to be elected? Take the fall via self-preservation strategies learned during his decades of martial arts training, or protect the unsuspecting?


You see, opting for any kind of ‘roll’ would result in taking-out the women directly ahead of him, with them unaware of his position on approach behind them. Without Time to consciously visualize the outcome of his fall, a decisive call was required resulting in the women being startled and expressing dismay.


Their kindly concern for his position at their feet sufficed unaware of their averted potential doom. He looked up into kind, caring and lovely faces, and responded in kind explaining his ‘tripping’ process as an aversion of one mishap only to experience another. It appears a fall was in the cards


Undaunted, he looked back onto the woman he side-stepped, her disregard being unconcerned without looking back; he picked himself up, dusted himself off and checked for apparent damages. Finding none, externally, he went on his way feeling the internal aches brought on by his fall.


He proceeded to “walked-it-off as the saying goes”, psychologically preparing himself for the inevitable in the pain department; known and to become known, in the Passage of Time.




Accessibility Fail …


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