A W K W A R D … 2




There are many men out there, women too, causally choosing a solitary life-styling going forward, living mindfully once fully accepting/embracing their condition.


I have lived my life according to unconscious intrinsic values for some time. Always in a flux, modifying my actions in response to the requests of others without taking the time to process the after-effect on my living conditions. My sole concern has always been to fulfill the task at hand as requested.


Losing my wallet recently, it being the icing on the cake of a mindful behaviour, I became painfully aware of my below-the-radar ADHB(D)/OCB(D)/Dyslexia functioning. I was one of the many who slipped through the cracks before current labelling practices and became an effective contributor within society. Able to develop skill-sets that served/benefitted the societal framework without unduly burdening the infrastructure of our evolving system and world view.


What is occurring in today’s world is indicative of a distinctive shift where one’s innate abilities, under scrutiny, faces unnecessary challenges with our concept of Reality hanging in the balance.



9. Road to Enlightenment


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