A N X I O U S  ~  M O M E N T S


These are the Times of the fortunate unfortunates who experience, each in their own way, familiar – similar – superficial appearances. This is a process celebrated and hated interchangeably, called AGEING.


Look to any news media outlet, and you will most likely overlook their sponsors’ prime directive. The farming of minds by planting seeds offering up harvests that promises delusions of grandeur to hapless souls bedazzled by fanciful images and words that are seldom ‘heard’, until meanings attached exhibit shameful follies.


Whence come we, and whither do we go? What are the treasures acquired that we may take on the promised forever journey?


We arrive a seemingly blank slate, but not really. Few truly grasp the paradox as growth occurs after emergence. Much is absorbed, biased and unquestioned, and held onto through fear learned believing to be the only route to survival. Once the benefit of open-mindedness is demonstrated, a complexity emerges making the way forward dire straits.


Some are fortunate to accumulate decades en route, but the qualities of these quantities are often found wanting in Time. Inner and outer conflicts constrain self-loving and are projected onto unsuspecting others in ignorance, without realizing there are ongoing resultant actualities. Throughout these experiences there are sudden and unexpected departures, and those of us who become aware of the waning light face yet another set of fears.


I postulate many attempt to make peace with ageing out, while others ‘refuse to go gently into that good night’. There are those of us who believe in accepting the inevitable, such as It’s conceived, daring to consider a finality of sorts. I vacillate in the sensation of a cork in the vast ocean, or a leaf on the wind, never knowing for certain what is or isn’t.


All promotions of celebrating and admonishing youth and ageing create havoc within the human psyche’s framework, where differing belief systems’ offerings have illustrated and accented these havocs with increasing sophistication. There is nothing new under the Sun, and the chase through Time leaves untold minds unsatisfied and delusional.


On the bright side; … is there a bright side?


11. WestSide Wharf 5:15:13




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