my   SEX – EDUCATION       c.67


Recapping my goings on: I was born into a multi-national heritage family on the Service career paths- police force, railway and retail industry. The police service was made indelible at that early age finding engagements throughout my life. 


Continuing on. I was well into my pubescent years with the incumbent sexual-drive that had an urgency for discovery and making sense of this driving force. Upon turning eighteen, these sexual-energies sought expression whereupon adult entertainment was in the cards. The visual avenue awakened erotic sensations, and I was unaware of their verbal descriptions and acknowledgments. Unaware of their true import, and still in the unfamiliar zone, this became a quest.


I heard of a film, ‘I am Curious Yellow’, being flogged on the airwaves that caught my attention. It was unavailable where I resided, but it was in New York City. Synchronistically, relations living there had extended an invitation. Excited about this context, I felt I was being given the opportunity to satisfy family and sexual curiosity, albeit on foreign soil. 


I journeyed there by bus admiring changing landscapes along the way, a practice I developed in my childhood years. During my visit, unbeknownst to family, I was given directions into New York City to satisfied my sensual curiosity. Strolling the streets of NYC, I came upon a squad of police officers dividing their numbers as they passed streets along their way from their precinct. 


I approached a few of these officers, all of us unaware of our differing frames-of-references. I inquired where I may find the theatre where the film, ‘I am Curious Yellow’, was showing. I felt a sense of deflation, when they did not think it worth my while, and said not waste my time. Their recommendations were heard by my eighteen year old mindset hellbent on satisfying a personal itch. It was not about to waiver.


My determination paid off; though not as expected, and in spite of New York’s finest’s discouragement. I was not dissuaded from my desired and impassioned path. I viewed the foreign film, ‘I am Curious Yellow’, satisfying my adolescent curiosity; but, the real benefit was the ‘chance’ encounter with a crowd of people I followed into a “Masters and Johnson’s Documentary on Sexuality”, focussing on “Sexual Positions of Couples”. 


This was an unexpected benefit! M adolescent’s expedition which began with an advertisement promising visual satisfaction of a sensual curiosity, ended with an education beyond imagining. 


I returned in possession of an amazing memory-experience. A chance doctoral ‘sex-education’ exposure, weighing the exchange with New York City’s finest that aimed at omission. This impossible/improbable causality could/would not have been conceived by any stretch of the imagination if I tried. Moving on…




2b. Setling In c.'65

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