It’s quite interesting how memories percolate up to the surface through one’s subconscious while engaged in conversation. Here is the attendant, inherent challenge of being accurate in remembering with/without idealization nor enhancement. Just the simple facts, albeit with emotional attachments. 


Here is one such memory, I experienced while engaging in conversation on a myriad of topics. 


I recall this being a chance, synchronistic endeavour contributing to paying off my student-loan. It began over a decade earlier when I couldn’t afford much by way of saving, and my mother recommended I put aside $30/month managed by a financier she had come to know. Without full-comprehension, of the scheme, I signed on the dotted line and began my savings plan, deducted from my meagre income. 


The full import of this plan was not realized until much later during the mid-phase of my vocation. Nor, was I to become aware even gradually, Time slipping bye, wending my way distracted by Life’s challenging opportunities. This saving began in the early ‘70s, withdrawn over 10yrs and completed after my university studies. My university studies had a false start, being unsuccessful on my first attempt, from layered inattentiveness affecting my probationary beginning. 


Until I received this Plan’s cheque, and its attendant documents, I did not realize I had signed only a ‘Savings’ plan, not an ‘investment’ plan. I accepted the $3600, from its 10yr programming, which served me well paying down the accumulated student loan I needed then. I carried on with living the live facing me.


Sometime later, during my happenstance vocation of teaching in a secondary school, I was privy to a scholarship offering by a philanthropist 15yrs along its path. An assembly was scheduled where the scholarship was presented to a needy and qualified students and to my surprise, when the philanthropist was revealed, a sensation of recognition circulated through my being. Another ‘circle’ was being completed of which I was unaware albeit out-of-focus as to its finer details. I re-introduced myself to him, his wife in attendance, and congratulated him on his philanthropy, which became an annual affair going forward for some time.


While rehashing the entire experience, the saving – the cheque – the student loan repayment – the teaching career – the chance/synchronistic reunion over coffee with a friend, I realized I unwittingly conspired with the philanthropist. 


The probability of not being the only ‘savings only’ client, the monies earned by another through that program/scheme was being paid-forward supporting future generations who may or may not benefit society going forward. I realized that I and others were duped on a grand scale. Still, a benefit of this scheme resulted in giving me the advantage in paying down my student-loan. Back then, I was able to ‘make lemonade from lemons’, by signing that ‘Savings’ program agreement.


That experience was not an isolated one in my life. I have had a few experiences where I often trusted I was being fully informed engaging with other individuals. I have learned in dealing with others, the ‘Doing unto others, as you would have done unto you’ is not a Universal practice albeit being mine at the time. A belief of our family, taught by our mother in spite of the disarray/damage/dysfunction through divorce and our duration-of-separation. 


In spite of all goings on, our mother taught human-kindness as being the right thing-to-do, regardless.





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