S T R A N G E  ~  O C C U R R E N C E S       1.



Have you ever noticed the differing feelings between the times leading up to an appointment and the times after completing the appointed activities? Do you feel more excited going into the activities than coming out of them? Not to mention the emotions experienced during these engagements? Is there anxiety, panic, followed by feelings of deflation after these task oriented sensations, an uncertainty void that needs to be filled going forward? 

Just wondering …







A G I N G ~ O U T ~ G R A C E F U L L Y    2.


Late at night as I prepared for bed, reflecting on my aging, a wealth of thoughts were brought to mind about form and function. I wonder if others living alone can empathize, while others with companions may sympathize not comprehending my sanity.

I assure you doubters, most below age 45, my sanity is functioning just fine; and, if/when that package accompanying age 65 arrives in you mindset, I trust you’ll all be willing and able to accept it, being not too busy in denial and with escape plans to evade the inevitability of it all.





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