I have noted when asked, “How are you?”, as well as, “How’re you  doing?” was my easy answer, as with most people. Until, I became aware of these not being a truthful reply! Would people be receptive, if I was to truthfully answer without appearing to come across as wingeing about Life’s seeming irregularities called challenging-opportunities?


There is a complexity to my lifestyle in spite of appearing straightforward and simple. Uncomplicated, yet difficult to explain (clarify) thereby dismissing what many would reflexively term (label) complaining (making-excuses).


I am quite often reluctant, possibly erroneously to exercise my choices (options) in coming and going, believing I am feeling depressed only to realize its basis in anxious-emotions bordering on panic. 


This process is a daily unravelling, regularly lifting me into an ongoing Time/Space continuum where I intentionally engage trustworthy and untrustworthy space-travellers, alike.






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