O W N E R S H I P     NOTION        ~         Pt. 1



I remember on a sunlit afternoon, when I was about ten or eleven, I was able to commandeer a bicycle to learn how-to-ride. I had been a passenger numerous times but had not ridden independently. I was going to learn to ride a bicycle that day, come what may.


I remember the bicycle being too large for my size, but I was able to adapt to it by adjusting to riding under the crossbar, while balancing and keeping the bicycle upright. After numerous falls, I was able to co-ordinate the crossbar-positioning with my size and keep the bicycle upright for continuous riding without falling. I was unable to ride regularly, the bicycle not being mine and having relocated to yet other dwellings twice after that experience, and migrating to another country two years thereafter.


In the other country I was to experience the following bicycle experiences. On another borrowed bicycle I was to experience the first of many racially-biased experiences noting the ignorance of the slingers. Yet, decades later, I was to be a wage-earner with sufficient funds to purchase my own bicycle, a ten-speed which I rode for ten-years. 


It came to pass, while experiencing Canada’s First Nations teenagers I parted with the bicycle. The experience was being an active participant in a government supported drama program for Aboriginal Teens interested in the Performance Arts. I trained and choreographed these aboriginal teens, along with Caribbean Teens, in the martial arts sufficient to include in conflict resolution scenes in a play researched and develop by the teens facilitated by the director.


It was during one of these performance art experiences that I learned of a cast member’s need of a bicycle. I was developing a career that offered opportunities to volunteer for this unique project of working with Teens from various First Nations Tribes. This allowed me to part with my ten year old bicycle at the close of the project as a gift, which was wholeheartedly accepted. Seeing it afterwards I was amazed at how it ‘cleaned up’ under new ownership!                   to  be  continued…





Distillery Options 2010




A modest amount of Time had been experienced since that late-night inquiry by the policemen in the patrol car, while returning home. I continued my martial arts training with an intensity inspired by anger and disappointment of the entire incident’s content and context. I had presumed much in the way of the meaning of friendship and human-kindness. I assumed friendship where there was none, and kindness which was prioritized under ethnic differences. was left with the understanding I was on my own where physical confrontations are concerned.


I was nearing my qualifications for testing for the first-degree black-belt in the style I was studying, and I was working as a doorman of an establishment where food, alcoholic beverages, live-band music and dancing were the norm. All was of a pleasant nature, but not without the probability of untoward behaviours of some patrons and this night was where the probable was becoming possible.


It was an evening preceding the weekend of the Formula One Races, and there were high-spirited imbibers present, some of whom felt entitled to the attention of the attractive female servers on-staff who were having none of their offerings.


Having made their sentiments known to these self-proclaimed alphas, one took it upon himself to make his sentiment known in reprisal. I happened to step outside to check on the premises and happened upon this fellow letting-the-air out of a tire of one of the female server’s car. I cautioned him to cease and return inside, but he declined calling for support of several of his group, nine or so in total to encircle me.


Having ascertained the server’s confirmation, I sent her back inside the club and decided to prohibit these yahoos from doing further damage, which they stated doing. I took off my shoes, so as not to slip on the pavement as in earlier times, a Billy Jack emulation as well, while their circle tightened and the adrenaline in me began to surge. I chose to hold my position allowing them to get within striking range, inviting them to make the first move for me to retaliate as warranted.


Granted, this decision had its disadvantage to my sensibilities. My blood-pressure soared as my anger mounted, and to the point where my vision became myopic. I was seeing through a small hole, and not the entire spectral scope from when this episode began. The headache was excruciating, my heart was pounding within my ears; and, I felt if I didn’t make a move I would explode with a ferocity that was beyond reason and management.


The instant I decided I had to act in self-preservation mode the police were on the scene, called by my employer having been informed of goings on by the servers. All were rounded-up, hand-cuffed and shunted into awaiting cruisers. Elevated physiological condition subsided, blood-pressure returning to normal calming my-self down. Thankfully, what transpired thereafter was unknown to me. 


Suffice to say, what could have been a devastating outcome of a ridiculous scenario became a Memory in Time, possibly forgotten in the mist of all minds attending to issues more relevant of their early-seventies experiences. Some time later, I was successful in acquiring my first-degree black-belt in Tae Kwon-Do, to begin what was to be a most interesting journey.





JSP -&- DJJ c.'73



A growth pattern has occurred on this planet incubating a host of unknown and unknown diseases creating illnesses known and unknown. The ones known and acknowledged lend opportunities for the cure of possible and probable upcoming diseases of those known. These include varieties of the meta-physical and mental realms, many of which humans deny exist throughout their history.


Without acknowledging the reality of the actual, and being open to the possibility for the actuality of the unreal yet to come into being, Humanity will continue on this denial pathway repeating their errors into extinction.  


That being said, let’s recognize, even if unable acknowledge the implications that are undeniable. It is widely accepted that common believed History is written by the victors, with their biases intentional ‘truths’, much being outright falsehoods. These Historic constructs are instilled and cemented into biological systems by instructions-from-books by teachers, institutions purveyors; labels on everyday objects in use some even on cultural biases; buildings, and monuments!


Once these systems are engrained in the native population, the indoctrinations of immigrants become the norm. Until, it’s realized there’s a built-in fail-safe for the evolution of Society, but only by the elimination-by-subsumption can evolution occur. Hence, the colonization includes total absorption, albeit not without Fear of Identity Loss, something of a fallacy bourn of outside pressure but defended to the death.


Physical expressions of these ‘Personalized/Socialized/Instituted’ belief system being plied into all non-natives eventually come under threat as Education grew into being Egalitarian. By the time it’s recognized, the tipping point is passed and the pain begins. What has to become commonplace is process revelation by which acknowledgement is to become fully accepted! The Past is to be acknowledged and accepted by the Victors in reference to the experiences foisted upon the indigenous population, noting the implemented materials excluding what was believed and practised before engagement occurred.


Then comes what is known as, ‘Reconciliation’; an engaging activity which is to heal wounds, setting all involved on a path of growth and self-actualization. Well, that is the Ideal; but, like all ideals, they become victims of the variably-evolved human. The practices of their varying beliefs hamper the attainable harmony; and, subsequently, the Balancing Act of a See-Saw nature is the usual functioning taking place.


Repeated to the point to becoming indelible within the human biology and psychology is what has become the Challenge to Continued Human Existence.


The solution is in the problem of the past, with those living in the past while misappropriating the present. Victimization resolved by Truth & Reconciliation practices.


Here we go/grow!





ASSIGNED  ~  STEREOTYPE                   Pt. 2.



Without a doubt, I have had my fair share of couplings and none, to my mind had ‘failed’. In spite of resulting in me being a bachelor, divorced from mid-thirties into these retirement years, from each coupling I received a lesson. A thread to unravel a woven tapestry depicting a pattern of my lifetime. 


I am quite fortunate to have had loving relations, yet despite my good intentions, I was wearing bifocals tinted by ignorance and blindsided by misunderstandings that were intrinsic to the colonization influences in the country of my birth. Truth is, the colonization had more benefits with options, unlike many countries left to their own devices. Doubters simply have to observe the world, reviewing History into the Present with impartiality. One way or another, we are here to beneficially engage each other whether or not we acknowledge the processes of ‘how’. We are given an intrinsic mystery peculiar to each environment, along with choice. 


I lived uniquely patterned functionings of romanticized biases allowing quality experiences, prescribed to partners’ predilections neither being aware of the other’s peculiarities. We simply engaged trusting the resulting outcomes from which we learned/grew into better human beings, or so I believed. Those of us who allowed ourselves that nourishment to take hold, gained as Life intended. I can wholeheartedly say, I never entered into a coupling with discordant and/or prideful intentions in spite of biology. 


Time and again, I did foolishly believe each would last into storybook ‘happily ever after’ endings, and was sadly surprised by the unknown limitations I had not comprehended, until now. I am now aware I was under-prepared for the scenario of each coupling ; and now, as a result, I wonder if I will ever be capable of having anything near a mature and comprehensive life-partnership? I look about me at ongoing couplings, noticing where and how my ingredients of under-developed compared resulting in my previous endeavours being short-lived. 


NO blame attached to anyone! My life is simply Layered that Way! 


All things considered, I was born into a system that afforded me much, for which I am forever grateful, including these challenges in my mindsets-to-comprehend my Path in this Lifeline. 


The beat goes/grows on …  




4a. George Gallegos- Carey Grant 21.10.17

George Gallegos- Carey Grant

C O N D I T I O N E D       /       A G E N D A


Early Unconscious  Desires                                            Pt. 1.


Looking back on what some may call ‘failed’ relationships/couplings throughout my lifetime, I have come to realize these were numerous onion-layered processes at play. I was not an only child, but I was the only male in a matriarchal setting where being seen and not heard was a childhood given. Conditions were in no way abusive as some would want to profess reflexively and, all things considered, Life was as it always is, fluid in its expansiveness. Everyone appeared to manage, living naturally before Television invaded to create discord from within.


I grew up in praise of womanhood, albeit unconsciously conditioned, with little to no male contributions for behavioural balance. I discovered ways to alleviate that modality, but not without slight flaws, the import of which I was not to fully grasp until in my retirement years. Granted, I was conditioned to the gravitas of social norms where the female-male dynamics were ongoing in their evolving patterns, and my biological urges were in place in spite of behaviours observed. 


Often, I was viewed as ‘soft’, which did not endear me to most women throughout my growth, unless some anomalous situation accenting my goings to present me as appealing. When this occurred I peaked from within and was awarded a female companion, albeit only for a short time. These couplings were viewed from biased perspectives which I fluidly accepted not knowing their contents and/or imports. Mistaken identities were the norm by which all involved were none the wiser of their fantasies. I was to learn that all my ‘failed’ couplings were inspired by biases in unnatural phenomena the cause of which each participant was unaware. 


I questioned the processes, wondering if they were all part of a Grand Schemata accorded Shakespeare’s, “All the world’s a stage, and all the people making their entrances and exits” accordingly, playing parts by which to learn/evolve in spirit should they be aware and open-minded? Each participant, I recalled, serviced each another in ways specific to their conditionings and desires, albeit naively.


I was unaware of guidance from an aware care-giver like a parent, or mentor. I can only theorize, those privy to such early guidance were the better for it, if one was to have pleasurable experiences along her/his growth path. I believed healthy early guidance and exposures were key factors for growing into sensible adults with beneficial couplings! 






In Time…




Sometimes, when I listening I do not hear.

Many times, while listening I hear what I am not-to-hear!

Then, there are times I hear what I do not want to hear.


Through education, I have learned the Path I travelled since birth; and, those lessons materialized during the luxury of introspection accorded me in Timely retrospection.


I have deduced through evidentiary reflection my undiagnosed processes as a Special Education candidate who managed his LD/ADHD through discipline and religious collaboration, and timely support of the kind-hearted.


I thank you all for being t/here according me your especial support. 






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