L I F E’s ~ Conditionings … … … 2b





Nothing ever stands still, even what’s apparent entropy. Desmond experienced the withdrawal of his father’s presence after his 2nd birthday, which was followed by a necessary 5yrs absence of his mother around his 8th birthday. The formative years continued his transiency in dwellings, different locations within five years. The fifth and final year was unexpectedly spent in his father’s family home. At the end of that year he and his younger sibling emigrated overseas, his first time aloft in an aircraft where he noticed there were no dividing lines below on the earth’s surface, as marked on geography maps in his textbooks. 


He survived certain Life Lessons, navigating by Chance and Good Luck, to spend his emergence into adulthood addressing other Life Sentences by the seat of his pants unbeknownst to onlookers and family alike who were in similar boats on the roiling Sea.


His occupation was affording him some financial support while acquiring his bearings with the loss of his step-father, the onset of his mother’s mourning and his younger sibling’s living conditions to which he was mindful semi-consciously. They had lived together all her life, except the year away at university, and they were coming to terms going forward through growing pains, under-prepared.


They were simply sharing in the Life they were gifted figuring out what to do in Time. His portion of Life saw his decision to forego the seminary, albeit a choice, landing him in an environment without the necessary tools of the street. He did possess a sense of being which accommodated his populated environment kindly. This is not to say every inhabitant reciprocated his sentiments. The lads whose jobs he was given had a debt-to-settle.


After months of a 6day week, without a day off, he was allowed to unwind with a night-off while a larger built bus-boy took his place. He did not know this could have been his swan song, but Life had other contributions. While he was away, those fellow with a debt-to-settle came to set him straight on what the business of ‘bouncing’ was all about. Sad to say, he had his night off and they were not to be denied their desires. They proceeded to ‘tune-up’ the bus-boy/bouncer of which he was apprised the following Monday night.


The social/cultural group to which the bus-boy belonged were tightly knit, kin in sentiment, to which Desmond did not belong. Not only did Desmond not belong, the society placed him and those like him as secondary, historically sub-human. What occurred with the bus-boy deserved redress by their psychology. This was an unknown to Desmond, who went blissfully about his duties while being set-up for an fateful encounter which took place on a specified evening after closing.


Going up the stairs, his mind went blank and he faltered; feeling a loss of breath. It was an odd sensation which was doubly strange upon exiting. Out on the street a crowd gathered on both sides of the street. He ignored them getting onto the back of the motorcycle of his newly hired partner-bouncer, after the bus-boy tune-up. As the bike took off he was grabbed from behind and punched in the face by one of the two whose job he took.


They were banned from the premises for their tuning-up session on the bus-boy, but this didn’t preclude them colluding with the enraged staffers needing payback for what had happened on his night off. They were told of the night they were to find Desmond unaware and unprepared that he may be ambushed, as was the bus-boy.


Desmond kept asking for what reason he was being attacked between the 5punches to his jaw. Getting no satisfactory answer he decided he ought to fight back, at which time his first attacker appeared to no longer be interested in continuing his assault. However, by this time Desmond was ready to have at it as he was backing off. This was not the case with his companion, who Desmond learned later had brought two others, just in case they had misread his capabilities of the crowd-control. Turns out one of these others was armed with a knife.


As luck would have it, the one who attacked from behind caused Desmond to slip hitting his head upon the curb rendering him unconscious. Desmond was to learn that a stranger tried to intercede and received a crushed cheekbone for his efforts, while he was being kicked in the head, in his unconscious state. It was during this continued attack the staffers interceded fearing he could be killed and they were unwilling to deal with possible legal fallout. The crowd dispersed, and Desmond was left unconscious just shy of the middle of the street. 


Regaining a semblance of consciousness as he was being lifted into the back of an automobile by two good-samaritans, he was taken to the nearby hospital emergency for attention. The police came and took his statement, while his mother was called, she being a nurse at another nearby hospital. Prognosis, severe trauma, massive concussions requiring lengthy bed rest and observations for the next 72hrs.


Desmond was bedridden for one-month, adding being housebound for another month. He was a while getting his bearings and mobility on track. Undaunted, not to be dissuaded by the ambush, he returned to retrieve his previous employment ready to resume the position which had quite a few changes instituted during his absence.  


Desmond had surpassed, in retrospect, what may be deemed his initiation into the Life he desired to know if he was to resume his abandoned path in the clergy.






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