Mention these words in a room for discussion and you’ll soon find yourself in an unending debate. From where I’m sitting and the decades I’ve experienced, as well as those shared by those who’ve lived more decades than I, I can earnestly say there’s an ongoing symbiosis making these two-words inseparable.

In the following pages, I’ll endeavour to encapsulate how I’ve come to hold the views I’ve come to understand while revealing specific details as I remember them.

First and foremost, my heritage is a bit convoluted ranging from the four-corners of the globe incurred through adventurous and pioneering spirited people who crossed boundaries prior to what’s almost routine today.

On the matriarchal portion of my family tree the nationalities are African, English, Irish, German. Scottish, South East Asian, and possibly Syrian (unsubstantiated).Grandma Malcolm Family

On the patriarchal portion, the nationalities are Chinese, East Indian and Nicaraguan, and whatever else has been kept hidden from me so far.

2. 50th Anniversary










When my mother and father, through the heat of passion conceived my sister and I, me being the elder in the family and of the relations to follow, whatever lay buried in the DNA of this combination is on an unimaginable ride when considering how far I’ve journeyed, including ‘how’ I got here.

I will endeavour to establish context of my journey so as to give a clearer picture to whomever will take the time to read this journal. Suffice to say, I came into being in Kingston-Jamaica in the late forty’s. More details to follow…

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