It appears the ‘digital age’ has provided humankind with more than many unintended consequences deemed essential during the many mechanistic developments. In the process there was the loss of human connectivity, all the while promising quick ’n easy connectivity and improved living conditions.


Technological advancement without mature human spiritual functioning to sensibly balance the user operations intended.


Agree or disagree, look around, reflect and contemplate your navel!


Unless your mind has already fallen victim to its viral infection of convenience, you will find more than enough examples within your own life peculiarities to admonish much in our living conditions! I leave the findings to your particular predilections.





Connected Disconnect




If the Nature of the Game is to Win? Is it not then the Nature of Living to Die?
I have repeatedly experienced choosing ‘not to win’, recently realizing I chose to let live my adversary!


Question is then, what happened to me as a result of that choosing? I surmise, in making my choice, I passed on an imminent victory here to let other wins that is occurring on levels far above and below what my consciousness is allowed to know.


As with those who are tired of living, but afraid of dying: what do you choose to do when such emotions align? Are they recognized and acknowledged while going about your daily affairs?








The cellular notifies an incoming call/text and our body reacts regardless of actions taken, or not. Still, our autonomic responses have been reconfigured in accordance to devices created through innovations to improve human living conditions. Quite the paradox, ironic isn’t it?


Keeping the above mentioned in mind, how many of us victimized by various media hyping be they advertisings – public service announcements -and/or- political admonitions, realize how the statement, “Don’t let others determine how you’re to behave” misleads thinking of isolated self-determination? I mean, do we really comprehend our internal goings on?


Some of us are more aware of these goings on, but not always on every occasion in fluid circumstances occurring. Eventually, we face the prompted signals and act according to our unique conditionings benefitting accordingly which may be derided by those around who are bent on superiority biased positioning.


Where do we learn how to manage our responses, and benefit without the assault of our environment, human and otherwise?


I look back on my development, only to discover the deficits which I was able to unconsciously use to certain levels of benefit to the envy and jealous actions of others. Many of us consciously develop skillsets in determined ways, while many of others augment skills of Divine Design – Luck – DNA, unconsciously processing through survival modalities capitalizing on these developments as we go/grow.


Granted, there are observers who could assist in our growing but choose not to through fearful beliefs of losing what we gain, the inaccuracies of their mindsets. Thus, our underdevelopment diminishes in contribution to the Human Diaspora because of envy and jealousy, fear and greed: the ongoing dilemma in the human conditioning.


I have determined many such losses that would have created a domino-effect of benefits; nonetheless, Fortune allowed gains in spite of those negative onlookers.
Fascinating how fear motivates in our impediment, all the while Nature patiently imparts ways toward correction and watches our determined ignorance path.


Still, some of us accept Nature’s offerings as much as we are cognizant, doing the best we are able for as long as we’re above ground. If you have read this far, and are open of mind, may I suggest a retrospective on how arriving to this Present may offer you the benefit of a clearer path moving forward? Possibly, providing a domino-effect that is beneficial to our Human Diaspora?


Is this what Shakespeare had in mind?








B L I G H T  /  P L I G H T



Carl A. Hansberry, Chicago Businessman of the 30’s, after decades of attempting to assist in the improvement of African-Americans/battling Segregation, settled on relocating in Mexico where it is believed he died, having succumbed to health issues from the ravages of a life of disappointment seeking equity for people of his ethnicity.


His daughter, Lorraine Hansberry, took up his torch with a slight modification in how she would carry it. She chose Journalism and Writing, albeit without ever completing her college education having found a cause.


She establish herself as a writer, and with an acclaimed novel, ‘A Raisin In The Sun’, influence the social fabric of her time. Her play received wide acclaim and eventually played on Broadway, winning numerous awards depicting the African-American experience. It was a text I studied in high school but, without having a conscious context, it was just an intellectual and emotional exercise. Little did I realize it foretold of what I was to face emigrating to North America in the 1960s.


Succeeding in acquiring a university education, I began to learn about being-of-colour in a white power biased society. Oddly enough, this power biased base was hierarchical favouring a top tier to which all ethnicities appear to believe is within their grasp. Fortune favours the brave, with unknowns discovered as attachments after the fact, few surviving the journey and remain to be active, equal partners.


The saga continues with a two-step forward three-steps back given inadequacies inherent to a fish out of water.




Rickey Smiley OFP




A N X I O U S  ~  M O M E N T S


These are the Times of the fortunate unfortunates who experience, each in their own way, familiar – similar – superficial appearances. This is a process celebrated and hated interchangeably, called AGEING.


Look to any news media outlet, and you will most likely overlook their sponsors’ prime directive. The farming of minds by planting seeds offering up harvests that promises delusions of grandeur to hapless souls bedazzled by fanciful images and words that are seldom ‘heard’, until meanings attached exhibit shameful follies.


Whence come we, and whither do we go? What are the treasures acquired that we may take on the promised forever journey?


We arrive a seemingly blank slate, but not really. Few truly grasp the paradox as growth occurs after emergence. Much is absorbed, biased and unquestioned, and held onto through fear learned believing to be the only route to survival. Once the benefit of open-mindedness is demonstrated, a complexity emerges making the way forward dire straits.


Some are fortunate to accumulate decades en route, but the qualities of these quantities are often found wanting in Time. Inner and outer conflicts constrain self-loving and are projected onto unsuspecting others in ignorance, without realizing there are ongoing resultant actualities. Throughout these experiences there are sudden and unexpected departures, and those of us who become aware of the waning light face yet another set of fears.


I postulate many attempt to make peace with ageing out, while others ‘refuse to go gently into that good night’. There are those of us who believe in accepting the inevitable, such as It’s conceived, daring to consider a finality of sorts. I vacillate in the sensation of a cork in the vast ocean, or a leaf on the wind, never knowing for certain what is or isn’t.


All promotions of celebrating and admonishing youth and ageing create havoc within the human psyche’s framework, where differing belief systems’ offerings have illustrated and accented these havocs with increasing sophistication. There is nothing new under the Sun, and the chase through Time leaves untold minds unsatisfied and delusional.


On the bright side; … is there a bright side?


11. WestSide Wharf 5:15:13







Late one afternoon, while walking down Yonge St. below College St., the Carlton St. side, I happened upon what appeared a transaction involving a gift-card sale. The prospective buyer was in the process of taking a snap-shot of the card’s face ’n chip while the seller was keeping his pitch ongoing. Upon hearing this, a familiar episode of mine from the Christmas season of 2015 vividly came to mind.


I remember walking down the same side of Yonge St. feeling the Christmas Spirit,
just above Dundas E, a fellow in a parked upscale SUV asked for directions to the airport, which was how my escapade began ending with me a sizeable sum lighter but with fashion attire I wasn’t one to ordinarily purchase.


Prior to this was a notable experience in the 80s with one I mistakenly took for a friend, having spent time with others in friendly engagements, such as partying poolside at his home in the burbs. Similarly, as in my Yonge St. stroll, I was in a harmonic glow, which he recognized and took advantage of, weighing in my sense of friendship. He used it quite well in ‘borrowing’ a sizeable sum he delayed in repaying, until surmised it best I to walk away from as another lesson.


Happening upon me on leisurely walkabout often finds me vulnerable. Exposures I am want to guard against, considering these two references are but the tip of the iceberg when it comes to such encounters. Escapades, including panhandling/street-homeless folks, round out seduction scenarios around this fair city of ours. In times of need, survival instincts surface to create prey and victim of family, friends and strangers alike.







 (A Spiritual Path)


Ask yourself, if you know the purpose of mourning the passages of others in Life, given the grand scheme of things?


Do we mourn to appease ourselves solely on the emotional level, guilt aside? Allow me to offer this option which may, or may not gain your consideration. I propose that we mourn being left behind, intuiting actually where the dearly departed has gone, leaving us to continue the struggles that accompany being alive.


The departed, regardless of their route during this mortal coil, has completed whatever was her/his purpose unbeknownst to them and their relations near and afar. Whatever/however their cause/vehicle of transport out, we mourn losing them on our journey here feeling various levels of depravation. We do intuitively know to where their departure leads.


We are not alone. Most simply ‘trust’, what some call ‘having faith’ but many unknowingly.


3d. A Little Deeper

Cream Soda




BCE Place Financials

“As you work on your savings, don’t forget to save room for your life.”
I wonder, how many of us accept this saying reflexively on face value, without thinking, fully comprehending its import allowing it to subsume unconsciously? I can with all assurance say I am just now in a position to comprehend the actual implications of such a quote having survived making ill-advised choices. Had I someone who cared enough to advise me otherwise; but, such were not the cards I was dealt and I made do.


Note the next quote:
“When was the last time your health had a performance review?” It appears self-explanatory, but I an reluctant to project a suggestive input thereby loading it with my own experiential content not knowing what ‘health’ is being suggested/referenced.


Are ‘quotes’ thrown into the public realm imposing subtle suppositions upon the human psyche whose apparent commonality forces the recipient to “fill in the blanks” however their needs require feeding? ‘Landmines’ or ‘guidelines’, many requiring a ‘dogma’ to force relevance life-stylings?


Where/how do we go forward?



36b. Distorted View

One of those days





There are those among us who do not answer the questions asked. They serve up statements in lieu of as answers that are palpable, acceptable to those making inquiry and listening to feel comforted accepting these statement answers, and being none the wiser of what is missing; the actual answer to the questions. This is evident to me but not to those on the receiving end of these statement answers.


Additional questions abound: were the questions so couched in subtleties that those statements are accurate responses? Were the questions ambiguous, open to interpretations allowing for such responses? Were the questions’ content lacking in sufficient information allowing the responder interpretative leeway; and/or, were the questioners vague and careless or simply naive, trusting the responders integrity?


Not so obvious matters to consider, but assessed in an instant giving way to future-presents actualities unintended. Something for you to ponder…



20. Not Very Fasnionable


Lately, I have been wondering about Words in the English language which sound pleasing and/or displeasing to both the speaker and/or the listener. This has occurred to me in my senior years having chosen to put pen-to-paper and wondering how others would read and internally ‘hear’ my words and affix meaning to them for themselves.


The Words that became most apparent to me are the ‘death’ and ‘dying’, both derivative of a state of being and unbecoming, so to speak.


Upon waking one morning to face the usual unknowns of the day inspire of the odd appointments, voluntary and involuntary, the inevitable came to mind and I was want to write about it from my perspective. Granted, there have been many Words written on the subject from Elizabeth Kubler Ross to The Tibetan Book of The Dead and many in between, some of which I have read from the early 1980s into 2000 following Y2K, another experience where these two-words played their significant parts.


Well, lying there I noted the different sensations derived from those Words upon using them in my contemplations. It was many years later that if occurred to me the weight and worth of them in conversation regarding their uses in the media. It is possible, and apparent, that many professions use Words to manipulate and coerce, especially the unaware. The masses, targets of their intents; and, likewise the individuals among the masses to manipulate their fellows, betters and those considered lesser.


It is evident that how Words are used affect societies. All one has to do is think upon Economics, Politics and Religions throughout Human History, and all is made abundantly clear albeit overwhelming in recognition. It is what is made clear in the macro aspect of existence that reached to me the overwhelming aspects of its microcosm in deconstructing the what and how of the language to which I have grown accustomed.


Two Words impacting on the sensibilities of both speaker and listener, whether or not conscious, still affected to her/his core only left to respond/act according to their inherent history and conditionings. I mused on these Words, amazed at how much softer ‘dying’ felt than ‘death’. Was it in the finality implicated by the latter and the intrinsic hope in the former? I will leave that judgment to you and your sensibilities accorded your particular inherent history and conditionings.


I have stated the wherefores and how from my perspective. I have but two other questions remaining. Is it so also in other languages spoken on Earth by humans and, being aware of digital phonics to which we are becoming accustomed, will our future-presents usher in other sensibilities with which to contend through the ever evolving technologies?



Hope I m not too late, Ba-Ha have a scrumptious bi

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