I had been experiencing a variety of ongoing issues which have culminated in being wrapped tidily into ‘Major Construction Project’ planned for the Summer of 2013.
Suffice to say, my issues began with on-site notifications beginning with a living-room floor water-leak in 2004 that was first ignored, then delayed, followed by neglected until a 2nd-Hand Smoke issue, which was ordered addressed, inadvertently through an unexpected downpour, revealed the continued water-leak and subsequent mould growth.

Here’s how these issues developed overall:
a) 2004, I repeatedly made notification of a Water-Leakage, SE corner Balcony Wall area under my wood-laminate living-room floor. It was eventually reviewed with the advice to ‘wait and see’ how it develops, in spite of repeated follow-up notifications of the obverse.

b) 2006-2010, Mechanical Room/Rooftop Noises were identified by me, while I attempted to recover from a hypertension-breakdown accompanied by anxiety-attacks which contributed to me taking advantage of an early retirement offer. I repeatedly notified board-members/management/superintendent who reluctantly decided-to-addressed my notices over a two-month back-and-forth action, during which time their Service Provider discovered the Chiller Equipment Sound-Dampening Pads were out-worn and required replacement. There was also discovery of the need-to-replace the MakeUp Air Unit and other regularly serviced equipment within the building.

Awaiting required action-attention to notices...
Awaiting required action-attention to notices…

The Dampening Pads Replacement was delayed due to improper pads delivery, causing me to endure unnecessary rooftop motor-noises with the use of ‘ear-plugs’ during which time my unit’s regularly serviced rooftop Exhaust Fan Motor was replaced. It took ‘repeated’ notifications, deemed complaining, to get those motor noises addressed while the ‘work’ had to be repeated due to a faulty replacement-motor, also disbelieved, with a two-week delay in processing toward completion. All the aforementioned notified-processes were received as complaints instead of notifications worthy of progressive investigations that may require proactive measures.

Regularly serviced Elevator Room Motors were then addressed due to similar Noises, as well as Boiler Room Hot-Water Tanks replacement, and other Mechanical Room work following the Chiller and MakeUp Air Units which were also a noise contributors.

c) 2009-2011, professional consultants were hired to determine the validity of my 2nd-Hand Smoke exposure claims due to repeated notices, again deemed complaints and simply a discomfort. Their consultants discovered structural flaws and the corporation was directed to address them in a timely fashion. This was yet another notification validated by an outside source of their choosing. During such time, a fireplace consultant was hired to determine if my fireplace was allowing the 2nd-Hand Smoke entry and by this the corporation was notified that every chimney was nearing its end and must be replaced. This third attempt has resulted in a life-saving discovery for which I was recognized as causing unfortunate finds, a ‘disturber’ of the status quo, and not saving-the-life of a resident.

During the summer of 2011 when the wall repairs were being addressed, rainfall flooded my wood-laminate living-room floor by which mould growth was discovered. Management instructed the construction-worker to replace the baseboard, covering the mould which was not removed until November, after repeated notifications. What transpired was being left with bare outer wall with a strong draught which was later covered with garbage-bags taped together along the base of my balcony window area, which was later addressed with the Balcony Door/Window replacement in January of 2012.

Ignored notification growth...
Ignored notification growth…

d) 2012, the Balcony Door/Window was scheduled for replacement for which there was no discussion just notification of contracted action. The ‘waterproofing’ compound used was no noxious I was driven from my unit to sleep on a cushioned-table for four nights which forced me electing to take a trip elsewhere for two-weeks for which I was not compensated. This ‘trip’ was taken because the guest-suites were also contracted to be refurbished at the same time as my Balcony Door/Windows. Upon my return, the vapours were still overpowering, the guest-suites were unfinished and had reservations of which I was unable to find support to occupy. I then elected to visit with my sister for two-months, forced to make further modifications if I wished to sleep without fear of being overcome by the existing, albeit diminishing vapours. All the while with no lodging consideration from the board-of-directors/management/superintendent. Seems I’d painted myself into a corner requiring attention to my situation, in spite of regularly paying condo fees.7a. More Lifted-Balcony Slabs

Still, they continued disregarding my notifications, until a flood occurred in the guest suite/office areas and mould was discovered and had to be addressed due to their money-making factors, and their work-spaces. Mould contractors contracted, it was deemed prudent to investigate my notices about mould concerns beneath my laminate-wood floor. Once again, their professional discovered mould and immediate action had to be taken both in removing the water-damaged area and locating the ongoing water-leakage source, with fireplace concerns attendant.

Living-room protection...
Living-room protection…

The water-leak source located, it appeared there were others on which I had speculated but was ignored. Another downpour recently occurred overnight into the morning, and further structural discrepancies were discovered due to contractor oversight/negligence and poor-supervision. It is now being addressed and I am left to accept their disregard with patience and feelings of disappointment at what I consider their inhumane treatment. Granted, I’m not the sole recipient of this kind of regard and, thankfully I’m not out on the street in spite of feeling dispossessed. Still, for a while due to lack-of-heat over a chilly weekend, I did feel homeless in my own home.

What am I asking?
How does one get fair and equitable treatment with regards to being accorded comfortable lodging during such conditions, especially the leverage that’s afforded the corporation if I was withhold my condo fee to use in finding accommodations elsewhere until my dwelling becomes livable?24e. Balcony SE-Wall Water InFlow
You know there’d be a lien on my unit no sooner had I done such a thing in this civilized and law-abiding society? How do you account for this treatment of a resident bill-payer up against a Corporation which he supports?

The above are a few images to what I previously referred… There are many more, but I trust these will suffice.

One Response to “Desperate Condo Living”

  1. emadis said

    I too have had my dealings with mold at our home here in Seattle. I am so sorry to read about all of this.


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