What is LIFE?  How is yours progressing?  Are you simply ‘existing’, coping, managing and/or ‘trying’ to keep afloat?  I ask these questions from an ‘adult’ frame of reference since I’ve been raising these questions, or their variants, since adolescence. In short, as the song goes, “What’s it all about?”

In Time...

In Time…


Looking back over my life, so far, while compiling data for my memoir I’m faced with revelations of astounding clarity and/or complexity. I’ve survived, sort of, many experiences thus far; and, glancing behind, all I can see are pot-holes and bumps which without some timely support I’d not be here.

Like the multitude, I’ve been knocked down, but not out; knocked-out and kicked while and unconscious with bystanders looking, possibly amazed; manoeuvred and outmanoeuvred throughout growing up; all-the-while, still believing there’s GOOD in this life-stream.

Needless to say, after surviving a multitude of attempts at loving-relationships, companionship, even friends-with-benefits, I’m left with the constant of my own company. The interesting thing is, looking back while looking into the present parade of women I can find nothing truly in common save fundamental chemistry founded on visual stimuli.

One Answer......

One Answer……


Without considering the ‘political correctness’ squad’s nattering’s, I wonder as I wander about in thought at the goings on behind the various facades I happen upon. They range from very few appreciating acknowledgments to outright snubbing/how-dare-I/self-absorbed disregard. I’m hardly the centre of this known/unknown universe, much less anyone else’s. But, considering we’re all orbiting the same solar orb in this sector of the Milky Way, one would think we’d each have read/re-read the memo and put some positive effort in enjoying our limited time here.

Not to sound repetitious, I have noticed that even when I happen upon someone who strikes my fancy; almost immediately, I’m faced with a chasm of anxiety into her life up until that moment I noticed her and I remove myself from any probable equation of pairing, as if any was possible. I am tired, not significantly disillusioned because I hold no delusions concerning the actualities of today’s reality.

We inhabit an overpopulated world shrinking through the contribution electronic age, and made self-absorbed and entitled with every theoretical advancement touted as innovations-of-progress. I’ve watched, from my limited exposure from Life in the 50s to Life in this early part of the 21st century, and each encouraging offering is met with counter-balances which outweigh and challenges the offerings to maintain their position to slow progressions with their detractors accumulating benefits and rewarding sheep-like cronies who keep improvement-information under wraps while pretending ‘in the best interest of the whole’.




Where do ‘we’ go/grow from here? To the stars; beyond the stars; into the deep; another dimension; the spirit realm; or, dissolution? According to Global Conflicts, with all their rationals-reasonings we’d be lucky to to be going anywhere anytime soon.

Cynicism – Apathy – Pessimism… what are we really all about, actually?

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