There are Facts-of-Life about which, if ever parents seldom reveal to their children. Maybe, it’s because there’s no comfortable way to inform their little ones about these processes in Life. I mean, how do they figure out the details with which they themselves have lived, and tell their offspring(s) in a time-honoured manner that makes sense when they have not had the time-inclination and/or opportunity to reflected upon?

Consider, especially, when they themselves were never updated and/or made aware of such endeavours in a timely manner, throughout their lives. To elaborate in another way, they are unlikely able to teach what they didn’t clearly learn, and were never allowed/inclined towards introspection in order to pass on the practice to their kith and kin.

Where to begin? Ah, yes, the emergence/cradling phase; still, conception’s plausible but it only confounds more.

We arrive in this sphere of existence with predilections unknown, compounded by multi-levelled social norms to learn without conscious filters until much later, which will be biased by then; and, then, making shit up as we grow only to fall in with supporting mindsets/thinking and being none-the-wiser. Thus, it becomes a miracle that we’re literally not a social construct that’s feeding on itself; or, is this one and we’re none-the-wiser!??

The CONUNDRUM, how do we know what we know while we proceed within this process called LIFE!?? Deconstruct the preceding paragraph and you may realize-to-comprehend about which I’m just mildly concerned. I say ‘mildly’ because to take things TOO SERIOUSLY would be self-defeating. Many foolish and wise alike participate in the practice unconsciously. Of course, there are those who are medicated because they appear to be becoming aware of the ‘conundrum’ and could unknowingly unsettle the evolution of this social construct as it is.

Being inside looking out while looking in is maddening at best. Still, one may not deliberate this folly too long before becoming certifiable. We are taught, at various socioeconomic-political levels to secure a place within this sphere-of-existence, because there is no other. Well, be that as it may, is anyone able to/is anyone to know/tell of any another sphere(s) of existence, if it/they can be discovered, and be clearly revealed in the retelling?

It is all a personal journey and, the best that anyone may receive is from parental units who have been recipients of well established lessons from dedicated consciousnesses: from the emergence into this life cycle throughout childhood – the formative years – the pubescent years – early adulthood; and, hopefully, into self-sufficiency. Everything we have in our arsenal for living in this Life is founded on the imprinted data stream living within about which we know next-to-nothing, while tasked with learning and using them as we grow with and/or without guidance, early-during-and/or-later in our lives.

About this, I have some knowledge and am attempting an elaboration from my comprehension- how am I doing?

“A rolling stone gathers no moss”- I have a few perspectives, haven’t you!?? 02/08/15

In Time...

In Time…

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