James at 17 ~ 3


To You My Friend

To you my friend I direct this thought,

Love your parents and love them strongly,

Someday you’ll awaken and find you’re alone,

Alone in this cruel sea which test our every skill,

My friend be sure to swim for if you don’t you sink.

Your parents whoever they may be,

And however they may love you,

They love you dearly.


Listen to their words,

Bind them to your heart-strings,

And the wishes of this earth are yours,

Yours as long as you shall live,

here and after.


Your parents are gifts which, as all gifts,

will someday become lost In our web of time,

So cherish this gift while you still can.


Those of your without either or both,

I can but pray someone will come to guide your way.


1a. Parental Unit


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